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This is the first comprehensive monograph on ai weiwei b. What picasso was to the 20th century, ai weiwei is to the 21st, and if our century is to be the chinese century, then its fitting that the greatest artist of the age is chinese. Ai weiwei turns the armory into a surveillance play park phaidon. I didnt expect a publication that has been touted as one of the best art books of 2012 to stand just six inches tall and contain only two photographs. Art world ai weiwei defends the guggenheims china show against animal rights protests. Ai weiweis work is an audacious blend of old and new, western and eastern, serious. Find an indepth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. He has translated the readymade into a new artistic language, fusing neolithic pottery, fourteenthcentury doors and seventeenthcentury temple beams into surprising, at times shocking sculptures. Firsttime director, alison klayman, spent three years following weiwei as he prepared for major. Mustreads on ai weiwei and chinese art the new yorker. Weiweiisms published by princeton university press in 2012 is a collection of ai weiweis thoughts on key aspects of his art, politics, and life. While ais art was lauded internationally, its frequently provocative dimension as well as his political outspokenness triggered forms of repression from chinese authorities. In july 2015, after receiving his passport back from chinese authorities, ai relocated to berlin, germany. Ai has returned to a more traditional form of expression.

The latest prize is the neoimpressionist portrait 18861904, edited by jane block and ellen wardwell lee. This book is so interesting that once you starting reading, it is hard to put it down. A cultural figure of international renown, ai weiwei is an activist, architect, curator, filmmaker, and chinas most famous artist. His recent exhibitions include sunflower seeds at the tate modern, london, a vast assemblage of handcrafted porcelain sunflower seeds. Ai weiwei on his lego portraits of fellow activists the chinese artist created trace while under house arrest, and he wasnt. The cost quora user has lamented on the wastefulness, and. Ai weiwei is one of the best known artists working today. An outspoken human rights activist, ai was arrested by chinese authorities in april 2011 and held incommunicado for three months. In his sculptures he refashions artefacts and antiques into surprising, sometimes monumental constructions such as template 2007. Once part of an elaborate water garden that was left in ruins after the opium wars, the site on the. From architecture to installations, social media to documentaries, ai uses a wide range of mediums as expressions of new ways. Authors ai weiwei ai weiwei is one of todays most important and controversial artists.

As an artist, i live in a society where freedom is incredibly precious. Dropping the urn, ceramic works, 5000 bce2010 ce english and mandarin chinese edition by ai weiwei, gregg moore, et al. It includes a shattering series of photographs taken between 1993 and 1996 devoted to the final illness and death of ais father ai qing. Chinese artist ai weiwei poses for a photograph with his installation entitled sunflower seeds, at its unveiling in the turbine hall at the tate modern gallery, in london. Inspirational ai weiweis life and influence presented in. Phaidon press limited regents wharf all saints street london n1 9pa phaidon press inc. The museum faces a damnedifyoudo, damnedifyoudont scenario. Ai weiwei is renowned for making strong aesthetic statements that resonate with timely phenomena across todays geopolitical world.

Wrapping up his lausanne press conference, ai made a heartfelt plea to support artists. Here is an indepth look at ai weiweis laundromat project on display in new york. Meanwhile, proceeds from the poster of ai weiwei by shepard fairey that we wrote about earlier in the week will be donated to friends of ai weiwei, an organization working for the return of the artists passport. Never sorry is a film about ai weiwei, a renowned chinese artist and activist who continually champions the values of democracy and human rights, and thus works in opposition to chinas authoritarian government. Ai, a vocal critic of the chinese government, was dropped from berlin, i love you. Ai often works with ancient materials beams from destroyed temples, han dynasty urns to create ingenious sculptures that break new artistic ground while commenting on the rapid transformation of contemporary china. Survey by karen smith, interview by hans ulrich obrist, focus by bernard fibicher, artists choice by ai qing, writings by ai weiwei. The penguin random house division crown announced wednesday that it would release the book in the spring of 2017. One of 2012 sundance film festivals official selections, this documentary piece by alison klayman. Read the complete text in the book order a copy today.

The twentyfirst century art book presents a fascinating. The single dumbass, premiered last month along with its music video, is included in the album. In his book humanity, the chinese artist ai weiwei, takes us on a meditation of sorts, from. This is just a sign of another failure for the chinese government in a twoday digital conference, the artist shares his thoughts on the communist partys handling of the. Ai weiweis little blue book on the refugee crisis the. Phaidon, official artspace partner art for sale artspace.

Curated by cui cancan, this exhibition will be ais third collaboration with tang contemporary art after ai weiwei in beijing 2015 and wooden ball in hong kong 2015. Ai weiwei has 58 books on goodreads with 2921 ratings. Ai weiwei is one of the major artists of the early 21st century. Ai weiwei is on view at haines gallery in san francisco through may 29, 2010.

A continuation of his ongoing engagement with the global refugee crisis. Ai weiwei, chinese artist and activist whose work included sculptural installations, architectural projects, photographs, and videos. Ai weiwei explores the human flow of refugees and finds an america that lost its conscience. Ai weiwei splits a temple at his debut chinese show the artists first solo show on chinese soil both asserts and undermines his countrys national characteristics what ai weiwei told the new yorker why he thinks warhol was 50 years ahead of his time and how lego is the perfect tool for dissent. This new ai weiwei born 1957 monograph is published on the occasion of his exhibition at the 55th venice biennale, presented by zuecca project space and the lisson gallery, and offers a summary of the artists work between 2008 and 20. In a press conference in berlin last wednesday, the art community called for the chinese government to allow ai to travel freely. The short quotes presented in this elegant little black book have been carefully selected from articles, tweets, and interviews given by this acclaimed chinese artist and activist. New york 19831993, a privately published book that collected photographs taken by ai during his years on the new york art scene. The installation on view at the portland art museum is one of eight smaller gilded editions, intended for interior display. I need to pay back my love, weiwei said at a press conference in central park on wednesday. Weiweiisms by ai, weiwei and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Humanity, a little blue book published this week by princeton university press that collects excerpts from mr. Ai weiweis laundromat addresses the refugee crisis.

About phaidon phaidon is the premier global publisher of the creative arts with over 1,500 titles in print. Florida artist destroys ai weiwei vase apollo magazine. Published may 16th 2009 by phaidon press first published august 1st 2008. Inspirational ai weiweis life and influence presented in never sorry. Ai weiwei hon ra is a truly twentyfirstcentury creative, influential across a variety of media.

Ai weiweis circle of animalszodiac heads collection consists of two series. Upon his release, he was prohibited from traveling abroad, engaging in public speech, and was subjected to continued. Every book is hand signed by yang lian and ai weiwei. For a deeper understanding of this imporant figure within contemporary art, order a copy of our ai weiwei book, written by hans ulrich obrist. Beijing, june 22, 20 the ai weiwei studio released ai weiweis first music album, the divine comedy, today to commemorate the second anniversary of his release from an 81day secret detention. But as chinese artist ai weiweis new book weiweiisms. The first comprehensive monograph on the life and work of activist and dissident chinese artist ai weiwei, this luxurious, silkwrapped tome takes the cake for summers most sumptuous gift book. Chinas bestknown artist, ai weiwei, has urged david cameron to press beijing on human rights issues this week, as the prime minister leads the largestever british delegation to the country. Ai weiwei, the chinese artist, activist and dissident, is working on a memoir. Caminero said he would hold a press conference today to answer all questions. Adrian villar rojas ai weiwei alex katz alexander calder andy warhol. Press beijing on human rights, top chinese artist ai. In 2011, ai weiwei was arrested at beijing capital international airport on 3 april, for economic crimes.

Artist releases video in which he talks of his desire to visit berlin for upcoming martingropiusbau show. Ai weiwei phaidon contemporary artist series karen smith, hans ulrich obrist, bernard fibicher, ai weiwei, craig garrett, michele robecchi on. Ai weiwei asks for his passport back art agenda phaidon. Weiweis work in this show, however, is the result of a seasoned mind. See available sculpture, prints and multiples, and photographs for sale and learn about the artist. It feels rotten putting the show on in ai weiweis absence. Open in his criticism of the chinese government, ai was famously detained for months in 2011, then released to house arrest. The first word that comes to mind in relation to this project is freedom. Producer cites fear of china a segment directed by mr. This valuable book also includes an interview with hans ulrich obrist and. Another series was produced as largesize in bronze, almost 10 feet high and intended for outdoor display. He referred to new york as a city every young artist wants to be. You will gain a better understanding of the artist how he sees things in his. Ai weiwei phaidon contemporary artist series 9780714848891 by karen smith.

The book was printed with the printing press at the stamperia del tintoretto di venezia venice, may 2018. I need to pay back my love, weiwei said at a press conference in central park on. Ai weiwei emerged as a vital instigator in chinese cultural development, an architect of chinese modernism, and one of. Weiweiisms, published by princeton university press and designed by pamela schnitter with art direction by maria lindenfeldar, is brilliantly executed, and the highquality paper and sewn binding are. Ai weiwei and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices. Ai spoke at ted conference and was a guest lecturer at oslo school of architecture and design.

He has come to be regarded as a contemporary artist of global stature, and his strong social conscience has galvanised a generation of artists. He is the kind of artist that thinks of a neat idea and then makes it happen whatever the cost. But as chinese artist ai weiweis new book weiweiisms proves, small can be powerful. Ai weiwei s work is an audacious blend of old and new, western and eastern, serious and irreverent. Taschens new book, meticulously edited and lavishly produced. Ai wei wei as wonderful dissident, terrible artist the. Artist, designer, architect, author, publisher and curator.

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