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Devpartner has become a critical part of the lasen development process. Modern equivalent of boundschecker for visual studio 2008 stack. When numega was purchased by compuware in 1997, boundschecker became part of a larger tool suite, devpartner studio. It finds errors that no one else can find including tons in microsofts code. It is helping pave the way to new software versions and platforms, enabling us to maintain our leading technology edge. Devpartner visual c edition boundschecker suite provides a clear, detailed analysis of programming errors. We are releasing devpartner studio with 64bit application support in boundschecker, the. Micro focus devpartner is an automated software testing tool that ensures your code is right the first time, enabling you to quickly resolve problems. With devpartner s boundschecker, developers can quickly pinpoint specific runtime. Seriously, boundschecker is alive and thriving under micro focus stewardship. Net memory and holistic cpunetworkdisk io performance profiler.

Site builder web site builder is a starterkit based on dp cms. Boundschecker is available for all windows platforms. Micro focus devpartner is an automated software testing tool that ensures your code is right the first time, enabling you to. If you do not have the adobe reader, you can download it from the adobe web site. Transitioning from devpartner boundschecker tools to. Boundschecker now 64bit compatible componentsource. Deleaker is a useful addin for visual studio 20032005 that helps you to analyze programming errors, many of which are unique to visual c. Net, fortran, and direct integration into the debugger while also providing a substantially more powerful gui. Error detection with boundschecker apache openoffice wiki. The purpose of web site builder plugin is to act as a small and handy toolbox that contains the essentials needed t. Its smooth integration with visual studio makes it easy to use and the integrated reporting structure is very helpful to us. Netnativemixed performance and coverage profilers, and the.

Bounds checker boundschecker is an indispensable tool for windows programming. Boundschecker is an indispensable tool for windows programming. Micro focus uses cookies to ensure you get the best possible online experience continue. Devpartner boundschecker error detection demo youtube. Micro focus devpartner boundschecker software contains tools to help you find memory issues in your code. Install boundschecker standalone or as part of the devpartner studio. Devpartner studio integrates with microsoft visual studio to.

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